A self-perpetuating effigy. Kevin Brophy just realized that she apologizes for her own physical existence a lot, like a lot, a lot. She is walking down a hall, and is in your way: sorry. She knocks something over: sorry. She laughs too hard: sorry. She writes (now): I’m sorry. She speaks: I’m sorry, but—what was she called in childhood? “Mouth of the South.” What was her totem in jest? “Speak no evil.” She discusses power-dynamics. She exaggerates forms of communication. It is dark. It is funny. She critiques in a satirical and self-implicating way.

Brophy earned her BA in Studio Art and Creative Writing from the University of South Florida and is currently an MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University and recipient of the Regina and Marlin Miller Fellowship. She has exhibited at Tampa Museum of Art and Contemporary Art Museum of Tampa; performed at MoCA Cleveland and at the Carnegie Museum of Art for Opening Engagement, Pittsburgh; and intervened in H&M at International Mall, Tampa and the Perez Art Museum Miami. Life is easy.